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【ENG SUB】Episode 01丨Encounter My Lover丨Every King is Right at the Time丨Meet You at Right Time

28 Tampilan· 26 Jul 2022
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🚀 Synopsis
The costume drama tells the story of a daughter of a prefect who was rescued and raised by a genius doctor after a disaster. The tsundere girl Oolong had to marry the wealthy and stupid young master Lin Qinglan, and so the married life of the couple began. Their fake marriage eventually cultivated into true love.

【ENG SUB】EP 01丨Encounter My Lover丨Every King is Right at the Time丨Meet you at right time
Zhu Li Lan, Huang Tian Qi, Kong Qi Li, Kiwi Lin, Wang Hong Qian,
Li Yu Su, Salman Xu, Zhang Jing Tong, Wang Zhi Gang

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