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Clip: My Wife Matters Most | Fall In Love With A Scientist EP21 | 当爱情遇上科学家 | iQiyi

35 Tampilan· 13 Oct 2021
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【Fall In Love With A Scientist】is trending on iQiyi with multiple subtitles. 2 new episodes every Monday、Saturday、Sunday at 8pm (SGT). Members get early access. Watch more episodes for FREE & ONLY on iQiyi App or Website!
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【Introduction】This drama tells the overlapping love story of scientist Yang Lanhang and Bai Lingling in the virtual and real world. The two met on the Internet in their early years. After Yang Lanhang returned to China, he was admitted to T University as a doctoral student. Unexpectedly, he ran into Bai Lingling, the “online friend” who has always been on his heart, and ruined her carefully prepared thesis defense. In order to make up to Bai Linging and to pursue her, Yang Lanhang continued to pursue Bai Lingling as an online friend on one hand, and arranged Bai Lingling into the laboratory in real life on the other hand. The misunderstanding between Bai Lingling and Yang Lanhang gradually resolves, and the two fought side by side, tackling tough issues, and sympathized with each other.

【Cast】Jasper Liu Yihao, Zhou Yutong, Dai Jingyao, Cao Xiyue, Lin Linfei, Wu Chongxuan, Fu Yunzhe

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