Movies Before And After Special Effects

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These Hollywood green screen pictures prove your life is a lie - from famous actors, and the greatest films of all time, include special notes of CGI, and the most iconic scenes ever filmed!

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There are so many technologies Hollywood uses to create some of the most memorable movie scenes you’ve ever enjoyed. If you’ve ever found yourself watching a movie in awe, well it’s time to take a look behind the scenes!
Hollywood is lying to us! Ever wonder how Hollywood regularly manages to fill their movies with creatures you’ve never seen before? Remember the zombies in I am Legend? Where did they come from? If there’s one thing to keep in mind when watching movies, its that you can’t ever believe everything you see! Some of the most iconic blockbuster scenes of all time were actually filmed in empty warehouses, while your favorite actors pranced around in embarrassing green skin-tight onesies! Sorry to burst your bubble, but Mark Ruffalo doesn’t turn into the green Hulk without his green onesie! Sit tight, we’re going to be taking a look at Hollywood films before and after special effects.

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